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12 May 2008 |

The US-Colombia FTA is an issue for Women

Leading Colombian women discuss the US-Colombia FTA and its implications for women in Colombia in the current context of violations of human and labor rights.

Clara Gómez lives in Medellin and heads the women's department of the National Labor School, an independent non-profit organization that provides education and assistance on labor issues to working women and men in Colombia.

Aura Rodriguez is an economist and executive director of the Corporación Cactus, a Colombian non-profit that supports the rights of women working in the flower export industry.

Virgelina Chará, of Afro-Colombian descent, represents Asomujer y Trabajo, a grassroots organization that works with people internally displaced by violence in Colombia.  She was forced to flee her home when her son was disappeared after refusing to join paramilitary forces.  Most recently, she has received death threats as a result of her participation in the March 6th demonstration for victims of state and paramilitary crimes.

To listen to an interview conducted by Radio Diaspora in Spanish with the women, click here.

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