WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
22 Mar 2011 | Video

Valentina Rosendo Cantu’s Nine Year Struggle for Justice in Mexico


Above is a video from the event at WOLA entitled “Nine Years of Struggle: Valentina Rosendo’s efforts to bring justice for the human rights violations committed against her,” which was co-hosted by the Center for Justice and International Law, the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, and the Tlachinollan Human Rights Center. 

 In 2002, Valentina was raped by members of the Mexican military, and in 2010, her case was heard before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. In August 2010, the Court issued its judgment on the case, ordering the Mexican government to make reparations for the harm done to Valentina, to investigate and prosecute within civilian jurisdiction the members of the military responsible and to make the necessary legal reforms so that all human rights violations by the military against civilians be investigated and prosecuted in the civilian justice system. To date, Mexico has not complied with the judgment and Valentina continues fighting for justice. While Valentina was in Washington this past February, WOLA organized a series of meetings with U.S. policy makers so that she could tell them about her case and request support as she seeks justice, even while fearing for her safety.

A special thanks is extended to the Latin America Working Group for uploading this video and adding subtitles.