WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
1 Jan 2014 | Video

WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas

WOLA envisions a future where human rights and social justice are the foundation for public policy in Latin America and the Caribbean and in the U.S. relationship with the region; where change happens when people on-the-ground connect with people who make policy, and where people work together across borders to respect human rights and democratic values.

To learn more about WOLA’s work and trajectory, please see the video.

Our Impact

  •  WOLA connects with partners in Latin America and the Caribbean, analyzing regional events, trends and challenges, and acting quickly to ensure that a broad range of voices are heard.

WOLA’s history of listening to Latin American voices leads human rights defenders, democracy activists and others working for social justice to turn to WOLA with information and on-the-ground perspectives.

  •  WOLA impacts policy in the United States and abroad by developing key contacts with government officials and multi-lateral organizations.

WOLA’s testimony at congressional hearings, briefings on key issues, informed policy recommendations and access to key decision-makers help promote dialogue and alternative policy perspectives. 

  •  WOLA shapes public debate and raises new issues through outreach to traditional and new media; sponsorship of public events with scholars, officials and grassroots activists; and original research, analysis and commentary by a staff with decades of cumulative experience in Latin America and the Caribbean.

WOLA’s online resources, background briefings, publications, memos, and  delegations to and from the region are important sources of timely, authoritative information for journalists, scholars, policymakers and the public. 

  • WOLA serves as a key resource for civil society organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, working with colleagues in the region on coalition-building, networking, research, advocacy and participation in policy debates.

WOLA’s commitment to human rights, democracy and social justice and its collaborative style help to find common ground for action with allies in the region and help our partners gain a greater understanding of U.S. policy.