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Major Military Aid Initiatives

U.S. military and police assistance to Colombia between 2000 and 2016 has totaled about US$7.06 billion, or about US$415 million per year. This amount does not include a likely few billion more provided through covert programs like the one that supported the “high value target” strategy mentioned below. A comprehensive list of all U.S.-funded military and police initiatives supported since “Plan Colombia” began is beyond this project’s scope, and would no doubt omit many classified efforts. But here are six of the most significant.

Some of the main military activities carried out with Plan Colombia funds: Aerial Herbicide Fumigation of Coca Contractor pilots and Colombian police sprayed glyphosate over 4,146,260 acres (1,677,932 hectares) 2000-2015 (WOLA report bit.ly/1EgrnX7) Oil Pipeline Protection $105 million in 2003-2005, yet guerrilla sabotage of pipelines continued into 2015 'Plan Patriota' Offensive Support for a 2004-06, 18,000-soldier push into FARC strongholds. Established a military presence in many towns, but guerrillas persist in rural zones even today. 'High Value Target' Strategy A covert program of aerial raids using sophisticated smart bombs, which killed several FARC leaders. Revealed in a 2013 Washington Post story (wapo.st/1lJNu6o) Territorial Consolidation An effort, begun around 2007, to build government presence in several conflictive zones. Showed initial promise, but commitment faltered (WOLA report bit.ly/WIbyTn) Military Reforms U.S. advisors encouraged doctrinal and strategic changes, 'jointness,' mobility, intelligence, human rights

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