This presentation accompanies Mexico’s Other Border: Security, Migration, and the Humanitarian Crisis at the Line with Central America, a report that WOLA released on June 17, 2014. (We will add a link on June 17.)

We took hundreds of photos during our field research. Inspired in part by National Public Radio’s excellent Borderland series and presentation, we developed this resource as a way to share them.

We hope that you enjoy and learn from it. You may use all photos for non-commercial purposes at no cost. Just please give credit to WOLA.

We are most grateful to Gabriela Morales Gracia, a migration expert who was our Mexico-based consultant on this project and co-author of Mexico’s Other Border.

None of this would have been possible without support from many more people and organizations. Please visit their websites and support their essential work.

WOLA offers particular thanks to the staff of the Ford Foundation’s Mexico and Central America office for their financial support and excellent advice.