WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas

Mexico Drug Policy

Drug Policy in Mexico 

WOLA works to raise awareness that U.S. drug policies contribute to the drug-related violence and corruption affecting Mexico. We advocate for policy changes in Mexico and the U.S. to curb this violence and address U.S. demand for illicit drugs.

Since the 1980s Mexico has given its military a greater roll on the war against drugs. WOLA is concerned about the intrusion of the military in functions that should be carried out by transparent and accountable civilian institutions, as this could undermine the consolidation of Mexico’s democracy. WOLA monitors U.S. anti-narcotics assistance to the Mexican security forces and calls on the U.S. and Mexican governments to remove the military from civilian law enforcement duties. WOLA also advocates for increased efforts in reducing U.S. demand for drugs and stronger U.S. regulation of gun sales to make it more difficult for weapons used by drug cartels to be trafficked into Mexico.