WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
Communications Assistant

Brianna Kendall

Brianna Kendall is the Communications and Press Assistant at the Washington Office on Latin America, responsible for supporting strategic dialogue internally and between WOLA’s network of partners in the press, advocacy and human rights organizations, and Congress.

As the first Honduran Miskita on staff, Brianna contributes to WOLA’s historical efforts to promote meaningful dialogue and amplify the diverse voices of indigenous people across Latin America. Prior to joining WOLA, Brianna volunteered in advocacy and diplomacy positions with the DFW International Rescue Committee and World Affairs Council.

Brianna acquired a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Brown University. While at Brown, Brianna studied abroad at the Universidad de la Habana, where she conducted research on oral histories and witnessed the 2019 Cuban Constitutional Referendum.

Her undergraduate focus on Central American and Indigenous studies led her to develop a two-part CAPSTONE project. Brianna travelled to Honduras to film a documentary and conduct research on the intersection of Indigenous women’s rights and government corruption. Her film “We Too Are Children of Honduras” was published in three languages and has since been watched globally and continues to receive recognition in online publications.