WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
Program Assistant

Kelsey Kotts

Kelsey Kotts is the Program Assistant for the Colombia and Brazil Program at the Washington Office on Latin America. She is from Boise, Idaho and graduated from The George Washington University receiving her Bachelor’s of Arts in International Affairs with a concentration in Conflict Resolution and a minor in Africana Studies.

Her work primarily focuses on Colombia’s 2016 Peace Accord and the implementation of the Ethnic Chapter for Indigenous and Afro-Descendant communities. Through outreach, collaboration, and programmatic support, she advocates on behalf of ethnic minorities in both Colombia and Brazil for racial justice and against democratic backsliding in the region.

Prior to joining WOLA, she studied abroad in Cali, Colombia in a program that focused on race, ethnicity, and identity in the country. She has previous experience working as a researcher for the Eurasia Center’s Uplifting Africa program as well as collecting data for a National Science Foundation grant focused on women’s contraceptive access in rural Rwanda. She continuously advocates for African and African Diasporic communities through transnational advocacy networks, and works to strengthen the Afro-Diasporic connections internationally.

Kelsey's Work