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Director for Special Initiatives

Marguerite Rose Jiménez

Marguerite Rose Jiménez joined WOLA in 2016 having spent her career to date working on a broad range of public policy issues including Cuba, foreign policy, global health, social policy, and international cooperation. Prior to joining WOLA Dr. Jiménez served in the Obama Administration first as a White House Fellow focused on diversity and inclusion and then as senior policy advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce where she covered the Western Hemisphere.

She has extensive experience working in academic, non-profit, and government settings where she’s worked to cultivate donor relationships, establish new institutional partnerships, managed high-level events, overseen a variety of strategic initiatives, served in a range of leadership positions, and developed new programs. She has also taught public policy at the undergraduate and graduate levels and continues teaching as an adjunct professor at both American University and Georgetown University.

Dr. Jimenez has researched and published on a range of public health issues including international cooperation, international organizations, comparative responses to epidemics, HIV/AIDS, childhood immunization programs, sexual and reproductive health, and health system development and strengthening in the Americas.

In addition to her broader work across WOLA as Director for Special Initiatives, Dr. Jiménez also directs WOLA’s Cuba program and has done extensive research and writing on U.S. foreign policy towards Cuba, traveled to the island over a dozen times, and authored or edited a range of articles, book chapters, and books on Cuba.

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