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Responding to Natural Disaster: The Inter American Development Bank's Lending in Rebuilding Central America after Hurricane Mitch

On October 28 and 29, 1998, the devastating Hurricane Mitch pummeled Central America taking an estimated 9,000 lives, displacing millions, and causing approximately $6.2 billion in damage. Mitch’s fury dealt a crippling blow to one of the hemisphere’s most vulnerable regions where the cumulative effects of frequent natural disasters are exacerbated by long-standing social, ecological, economic and political vulnerability.  This report examines the Inter American Development Bank's response to this crisis.

This report forms part of an initial effort by civil society groups in donor nations to assess the impact of donor efforts to rebuild and transform Central America based on the principles articulated and endorsed at the Stockholm Consultative Group Meeting in May, 1999. This particular report focuses on the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), offering an initial assessment of its role as a lender for reconstruction and development projects in Central America after the hurricane.


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