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Bolsonaro’s Election in Brazil: What are the Implications for Democratic Governance and Human Rights?

8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Thursday, 6 December 2018
1666 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 400, Washington D.C. 20009

(AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

Jair Bolsonaro’s remarkable rise to become Brazil’s next president reflects both a rejection of established parties and politicians, as well as popular support for a conservative platform to tackle criminal violence and spur economic growth. Early signals suggest Bolsonaro will continue to deploy the divisive language he used on the campaign trail (particularly regarding certain minority groups), carry out tough-on-crime strategies, and embrace free-market and pro-privatization measures. His position on climate change is dismissive as he looks to deregulate Amazon protection. His foreign policy looks likely to shift dramatically toward a pro-U.S. posture as he and his advisors align closely with President Trump’s populist nationalist views.

What will a Bolsonaro administration mean for Brazil’s respect for democratic governance and human rights at home and abroad? Since Brazil’s transition to democracy began over three decades ago, it has made significant if uneven progress toward greater accountability, citizen participation, and poverty alleviation. Will Bolsonaro’s preference for military leadership in high government positions, conservative social policies and orthodox economic policies yield a new form of Brazilian democracy? How might a close political and military relationship with Washington affect Brazil’s foreign policy on regional and global policies, including its important economic relations with Beijing and the BRICS?

On Thursday, December 6, the Washington Office on Latin America will host Camila Asano, Program Coordinator for Conectas Direitos Humanos, and Ted Piccone, Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy at the Brookings Institution, to discuss these questions. Gimena Sanchez, Director for the Andes program at WOLA, will moderate.  Additional discussants to be confirmed.


Event Details:
Thursday, December 6
8:30 a.m. EDT
Washington Office on Latin America
1666 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 400


Camila Asano, Program Coordinator, Conectas Direitos Humanos

Ted Piccone, Senior Fellow in Foreign Policy, Brookings Institution

Gimena Sánchez-Garzoli, Director for the Andes, WOLA