WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas

WOLA’s Honorary Council is composed of luminaries, experts, artists, and thought leaders from the region. This non-governing honorary body lends their name to WOLA, as an ambassador for the organization, as we continue to lead the fight for human rights throughout the Americas. These members will strengthen WOLA’s ability to fulfill its mission and connect us to a vibrant group of like-minded leaders and social changemakers in the Americas.


Honorary Council Members

Alberto Barrera Tyszka


Venezuelan Novelist, Screenwriter, and Journalist

Bill Shipsey


Irish Human Rights Activist, Philanthropist, and Founder of Arts for Human Rights

Claudia Paz y Paz


Former Guatemalan Attorney General, Director for Central America and Mexico Program at CEJIL

Diego Luna


Mexican Actor, Director, Producer, and Social Activist

Francisco Goldman


Writer, Journalist, and Allan K. Smith Professor of English Language and Literature at Trinity College

Gioconda Belli


Nicaraguan Poet, Novelist, and Political Activist

Gina Chavez


Latinx Singer-Songwriter, and Social Activist

Mercedes Doretti


Argentine Forensic Anthropologist

Sergio Aguayo


Mexican Scholar, Human Rights Advocate, and Political Analyst

Tom Harkin


Former U.S. Senator