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Livestream: Peace Proposals from Victims of Colombia's Armed Conflict

Join us here at 10 am ET on July 29 for a diverse, wide-ranging discussion with victims of Colombia's conflict. Haga clic aquí para ver la transmisión en vivo del evento sobre el proceso, lo cual empezará a las 10 am hora de Washington el 29 de julio.

WOLA's Adam Isacson Discusses National Guard Deployment on WSJ Live

Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to deploy the National Guard to help secure the U.S.-Mexico border as the federal government struggles to handle an influx of Central American immigrants. In a video interview with WSJ Live, WOLA's Adam Isacson weighs in on why this is a bad idea.

An Interactive Look at the Mexico-Guatemala Border Zone

In February 2014, WOLA researchers spent 12 days at Mexico’s border with Guatemala to learn about why the U.S. and Mexican governments want to beef up security in this zone. Click here to see an interactive presentation of their findings.