WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas

The WOLA Partners' Council

By joining the Partners’ Council, you play critical a role in WOLA’s work to advance human rights and justice throughout the Americas.

We invite you to join the WOLA Partners’ Council, a vital community of people championing human rights and democracy in our hemisphere. For all of us who care deeply about these values, there has never been a more urgent moment to step up and be involved.

The Partners’ Council is a non-governing membership body whose participants are actively engaged in the intellectual and advocacy work of the organization.

As a member of the Partners’ Council, you play a key role in strengthening WOLA’s ability to fulfill its mission. Membership in The Partners’ Council also connects you to a vibrant group of like-minded leaders and the most exciting social changemakers in the Americas. Through private briefings, regular events, memos, field visits, and research, you will connect with WOLA’s experts and leading figures from throughout the hemisphere. As part of the Partners’ Council, you gain new insights into the most pressing human rights issues facing the Americas today and press for their resolution.

How to Join: Choose a Circle

Visionaries Circle $50,000 and above

  • Annual one-on-one briefings with WOLA President Carolina Jiménez
  • On-request briefings with WOLA experts on timely issues
  • All others listed below

Champions Circle $25,000 – $49,999

  • Exclusive invitations to WOLA Board of Directors events
  • Invitations to participate in learning trips in the region guided by WOLA experts
  • Invitations to engage with Latin American partners during their delegations in Washington DC, New York, or San Francisco
  • Annual one-on-one briefing with senior WOLA staff
  • All others listed below

Leaders Circle $10,000-$24,999

  • Private reception on WOLA’s annual report outcomes and the impact of your support
  • Complimentary printed and digital WOLA publications and materials
  • All others listed below

Advocates Circle $5,000 – $9,999

  • Invitations to quarterly interactive conference calls with WOLA staff on timely issues
  • Exclusive invitations to private events and dinners with WOLA experts and regional partners
  • Priority invitations to public events held or hosted by WOLA
  • All others listed below

Allies Circle $1,000 – $4,999 annually

  • Quarterly update from WOLA’s President Carolina Jiménez through the President’s Memo, discussing developments at WOLA and our latest work and analysis
  • Subscription to the monthly WOLA Digest, the institution’s email newsletter on current WOLA research, analysis of current events, and updates on WOLA’s advocacy and impact
  • Prominent recognition on the WOLA website and acknowledgment in WOLA’s annual report

If you are interested in learning more about WOLA’s Partners’ Council contact Lauren Kimball, Vice President for Development at lkimball@wola.org or (202) 797-2171