Beyond the Wall

Borders should not be barriers to human rights. It’s time for a regional approach that protects migrants.

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Over the last three years, the Trump administration has created a human rights crisis on the border and throughout the region.

Anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric in the United States have endangered migrant families and shredded the right to asylum as we know it. Under pressure from the Trump administration, Mexico has adopted deterrence-first strategies on its border with Guatemala—and it’s asylum system is overwhelmed. Central American policies aimed at the causes of migration have been abandoned.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We need your help to spread the word, change the culture of cruelty and abuse, and protect the rights of migrants.

Beyond the Wall: Explore the Issues With Us

During the campaign, WOLA will share data visualizations, commentaries, and audio stories to illustrate how migration issues impact communities throughout the region. Explore the latest below.


4 Charts Depicting What’s Been Happening on the U.S.-Mexico Border



Beyond the Wall Podcast: Seeking Shelter in the Age of COVID-19



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Beyond the Wall: How You Can Help

1. Keep Updated

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2. Join the Conversation

We need more people talking about these issues. Share our social media, read our commentary, listen to the podcast, and help us push a regional, human rights-centered approach to your network.

3. Donate

Help the campaign directly by providing financial support. Your donation will go towards advocating for migrant rights at the border and in the region.

Beyond the Wall: A Rights-Respecting Approach to Migration

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Implement effective border governance policy that respects human rights

This requires recognizing that walls are not a solution and keeping U.S. border security agencies like Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) out of migrant processing and the asylum process.

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Fix the badly broken asylum system in the United States

This requires ending policies that place migrants in danger, getting serious about effective alternatives to detention, and ensuring migrants receive due process in immigration court.

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Work with Mexico to ensure the rights and safety of migrants
and asylum seekers

Ensuring the safety of migrants and asylum seekers as they transit through—or choose to stay—in Mexico means: working with the Mexican government to strengthen its small and underfunded asylum system; and supporting the removal of the Mexican National Guard from border enforcement activities.

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Partner with Central American countries to address root
causes of migration

This requires significantly expanding critical aid and working with Central American governments to strengthen anti-impunity, rule of law, and governance reforms.

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Beyond the Wall: Impact of Previous Campaigns

Thanks to your incredible support of the Beyond the Wall Campaign, we’ve stopped many of the worst policies put forth as part of the “zero tolerance” agenda.

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