WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas

Our Values

These values, assumptions, and impact inform all of the work that we do.

Core Values:

In all things we….

  • Uphold inherent human dignity
  • Pursue truth and justice
  • Make space for and empower unheard voices
  • Treat the people we work with and support as equals
  • Base our work on sound research, devotion to facts, and the truth
  • Act with integrity
  • Believe strategic change is possible in the world
  • Critique the status quo and look for new solutions


Core Assumptions:

We are dedicated to the idea that…

  • Making the truth visible supports the work of justice
  • All governments are obligated to protect human rights and we have the responsibility to hold them accountable
  • Civil society has the ability to influence government to promote equality and justice
  • Deliberately seeking collaboration makes us more effective
  • Problems cannot be solved until institutions change
  • The relationship between the United States government and the hemisphere is unequal
  • Individual voices are powerful and deserve to be heard


Core Impact:

The impact we work towards is….

  • The United States’ foreign policy actively prioritizing human rights
  • Stopping human suffering caused by government policies
  • Inspiring others to believe in change and work to achieve it
  • Building effective and accountable institutions that empower and address the needs of their citizens in the Hemisphere
  • Having our research, and the voices of our partners, heard and respected in policy
  • Holding human rights violators and corrupt officials accountable throughout the region
  • Protecting vulnerable persons throughout the region