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6 Aug 2009 | News

Media Background on the North American Leaders’ Summit

WASHINGTON– The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) will follow President Obama’s visit to Guadalajara, Mexico on August 9-10 for the North American Leaders’ Summit and will be available to provide analysis on the trip.

WOLA believes that the Summit is an opportunity for President Obama, President Calderon and Prime Minister Harper to address the security challenges in Mexico in the context of long-term reforms to Mexico’s police and judicial institutions.

Combating transnational threats such as organized crime and illegal drugs were defined as priority areas by the leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico in the framework of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP).  As the leaders meet in Guadalajara, key parts of this discussion will likely focus on Mexico’s efforts to combat drug trafficking and drug-related violence.

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For more information, please contact:
Maureen Meyer, Mexico and Central America Associate, WOLA
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