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U.S. - Cuba Relations

U.S. – Cuba Relations

In terms of U.S. legislation, there have been a number of important accomplishments in the past few years. The food and medicine initiative lead by WOLA and other groups has been a successful vehicle for mobilizing sectors that want to see change in U.S. policy, including academics, religious groups, business and agricultural communities, and people in the medical field, among others. These groups have continued to be highly active in pushing for a change in policy despite undemocratic tactics which have stymied any accomplishments in Congress. The ongoing changes in the Cuban American community,  where there is growing support for an end to travel restrictions and dialogue with Cuba, at least in part in reaction to increased U.S. restrictions on family travel to Cuba, are having a substantial impact on the policy environment. In this context, WOLA continues to advocate for an end to the travel ban and an end to the embargo overall.