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Colombia has suffered the longest internal armed conflict in the region. Even as peace negotiations proceed, human rights abuses and mass displacement continue. Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities, as well as human and labor rights activists, bear the brunt of violence. At the same time, the country continues to be Latin America's largest recipient of U.S. military assistance. WOLA advocates for a negotiated end to the conflict, a shift away from U.S. military assistance, and for human rights and social justice policies that are essential for a lasting peace.

Key Program Themes

The Colombian Peace Process

Colombia is negotiating an end to its decades-long conflict. Click here to learn more about the conflict, the talks, and WOLA’s advocacy for a lasting peace.

U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement and Labor Rights

As Colombia strengthens trade ties with the United States, Colombian workers continue to suffer from anti-union violence and labor rights violations. Click here to learn what WOLA is doing to support fundamental workers’ rights.

Human Rights in Colombia

Colombia’s internal armed conflict has led to massive human rights abuses, greatly affecting Afro-Colombian, indigenous, and displaced persons. Click here to see how WOLA sheds light on the situation of Colombia’s most marginalized populations and advocates for more effective policies that put human rights first.

Colombia News & Analysis

An Evolving Threat: Assessing Paramilitaries in Colombia

While peace talks with the two largest guerrilla groups in Colombia are moving forward, another security threat is looming on the horizon.

U.S. Civil Society Expresses Outrage by Response to Peaceful Protest in Colombia

Letter to Ambassador Pinzon Calls on Investigation of Abuses
Analysis & Commentary
In this letter to the he Colombian Ambassador to the United States, civil society organizations in the United States express their outrage by the government's response to peaceful protest in Northern Cauca and call on the Colombian government to investigate the abuses committed during the protest.

An Effective Transition to Post-Conflict for Afro-Colombians and Indigenous in Choco, Colombia

The recent spike in violence by paramilitary groups highlights the many challenges that the Colombian government will face in the implementation of a potential peace accord.

Civil Society is Colombia’s Best Bet for Constructing Peace

A WOLA Series on Colombia’s Peace Process: Ensuring the Success of a Potential Bilateral Ceasefire Agreement
Analysis & Commentary
In the context of the Colombian peace talks in Havana, WOLA will be publishing a series of analytical pieces and videos on how to ensure the success of potential bilateral ceasefire agreement.