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7 Aug 2023 | News

Security Situations Requiring Attention in Colombia

Dear all,

Below we share with you the security and human rights cases that WOLA has received from May 31 until July 31, 2023. 

These cases shed light on various human rights abuses and the dire security situation many face in Colombia. This information serves as evidence that the U.S. Congress needs to fund foreign aid to Colombia that supports policies for comprehensive peacebuilding. We strongly urge U.S. policymakers to continue their support for peace in the country and to acknowledge the promising developments in the peace negotiations with the ELN. 

We remain extremely concerned about the safety and security of La Nueva Prensa journalists, lawyers, and staff who are the targets of trumped-up charges. We encourage U.S. policymakers to collaborate with Colombian authorities, urging them to implement effective protection measures and to halt the ongoing judicial attacks.


To view the full letter, please download it here.