WOLA’s work on Mexico looks behind today’s headline stories of drug violence and immigration.  Our years of experience with in-country partners gives us unique expertise to address the way the historic weakness of Mexico’s democratic institutions contribute to today’s problems. 

WOLA works to expose the causes of violence on the border and elsewhere, and to address the lack of development that fuels migration. We monitor U.S. security assistance to Mexico, seeking to steer funding priorities toward reform for an effective legal system, police that citizens can trust, and security officers who are held responsible for their actions.  WOLA provides support to Mexican organizations seeking justice for victims who have faced human rights violations.

Key Program Themes:

• Migration and Border Security

Click here to see WOLA’s work on dangers that migrants face in transit in Mexico and while attempting to cross the border, as well as analysis of U.S. border security policy.

• Justice and Police Reform in Mexico

Reducing violence in Mexico requires addressing widespread corruption and institutional weakness in Mexico’s judicial system and police. Click here to see WOLA’s work on these issues. 

• Human Rights in Mexico

Human rights violations by Mexico’s security forces, especially police and armed forces, have risen dramatically in recent years. Click here to see WOLA’s work to promote human rights. 

• U.S.-Mexico Security Cooperation

Since 2008, the United States has provided Mexico almost two billion dollars in aid through the State Department’s Merida Initiative, as well as hundreds of millions dollars of military assistance through the Department of Defense. Click here to see WOLA’s analysis on security cooperation between the two nations. 

Mexico News & Analysis

Concerns about Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists in Mexico

Analysis & Commentary
The undersigned organisations are deeply concerned by recent developments that have taken place regarding the Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) and Journalists in Mexico. We believe that such developments are likely to place HRDs and journalists at even greater risk.

Key Human Rights Appointment Presents a Test for the Mexican Government

Analysis & Commentary
If the Mexican government is serious about protecting human rights defenders and journalists, it should name someone highly qualified to direct the Human Rights Unit.

Mexico’s National Institute of Migration: Migrant Rights and the Need for Reform

On March 14, WOLA hosted an event featuring Dr. Sonja Wolf of the Institute for Security and Democracy. Dr. Wolf recently led an assessment of National Institute of Migration, the governmental agency in Mexico that is responsible for ensuring migrants’ safety.

WOLA Experts are Traveling along Mexico's Southern Border: Blogs from the Field

Analysis & Commentary
WOLA's Adam Isacson is on the road, investigating the situation along Mexico's southern border with Guatemala and what it means in the context of the U.S. immigration debate. Click here to read his latest post.