WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
11 Jul 2008

WOLA Moves to New Offices at 1666 Connecticut Ave

            WOLA moved to its new offices at 1666 Connecticut Avenue, near Washington’s Dupont Circle, on Saturday, July 12. 

            The new location, WOLA’s fourth since its founding in 1974, offers considerably more space for WOLA’s staff of about 20 people and superior facilities for public events and meetings for the human rights research and advocacy organization. 

“WOLA receives a constant flow of visitors from governments, civil society and partner organizations from all over Latin America. Our new space will allow us to hold meetings and public events with these visitors and other people we work with, and in more spacious and comfortable surroundings,” said Krystal Wubben, WOLA’s Finance and Operations Manager. 

The new offices (pictured above, center) are only two doors away from WOLA’s current address at 1630 Connecticut Avenue. Thus, the office will remain easily accessible by Metro at the Dupont Circle station.

           The organization’s telephone numbers and Email addresses remain unchanged.

              The new address is:

Washington Office on Latin America

1666 Connecticut Avenue NW

Suite 400

Washington, DC 20009



(202) 797 2171

Kristina Demain, [email protected]