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22 Nov 2013 | News

WOLA Briefing on Honduran Elections

This coming Sunday, Hondurans will vote to elect a new president in a contest that holds high stakes for a country that has seen a sharp increase in violence, insecurity, and targeted attacks against journalists and political figures. The race is tight, raising concerns that a small margin of victory could potentially result in post-election governance problems.

With the elections only a few days away, WOLA held a teleconference briefing on November 21 in which Program Director Geoff Thale and Senior Associate for Citizen Security Adriana Beltrán discussed the importance of these elections, the issues at stake, and the challenges the country and its next president will face.

To listen or download an audio recording of the call, please click the link below:

Download 22-10-2013 (2.5 MB) Duration: 20:48 m – Filetype: mp3


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