WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
13 Jan 2022 | Press Release

WOLA Announces New Vice President for Communications and Editorial

Josefina Salomón will Guide Communications Team starting February 1, 2022

WOLA is pleased to announce that Josefina Salomón has been selected to be the Vice President for Communications and Editorial starting on Feb 1, 2022.  She will be responsible for guiding comprehensive communications, editorial and outreach strategies to advance WOLA’s advocacy on behalf of human rights in the Americas.

“I have followed and admired WOLA for many years and I am very excited for the opportunity to bring my experience, energy and ideas to this outstanding team,” said Salomón. “Investigating the underlying causes of injustice while helping provide an extra platform for the brave activists fighting to tackle them across Latin America has never been more urgent.” 

Ms. Salomón has two decades of experience working as a communications expert for non-for-profit organizations and global media outlets.  She is a journalist and researcher who has specialised in human rights, social justice, organized crime and security issues in the Americas.

As Americas Media Manager at Amnesty International, she travelled across Latin America and the Caribbean conducting communications, research and advocacy work on human rights, gender, and migration, among other issues. Ms Salomón was also Managing Editor at InSight Crime, where she led a team of reporters covering stories related to security and organized crime in Latin America.

As a consultant, she has collaborated in a variety of projects for organizations including the Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, the International Organization for Migration and Fair Square, a London-based human rights research and advocacy group.

Her work has been published in media outlets including The Washington Post, The Guardian, Vice, OZY, Newsweek, Al Jazeera, El Pais and La Nación, among others.

Ms. Salomón studied political science at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, and has a degree from the London School of Journalism. She is bilingual in Spanish and English.

“I know Josefina Salomón’s work to be extraordinary,” said WOLA’s President Carolina Jiménez Sandoval. “At a time when the voices of human rights defenders are increasingly threatened by anti-democratic forces, we need strong and creative communications strategies to make a clear stand for truth and human dignity.  As part of our leadership team, Josefina Salomón will guide us with her in-depth knowledge, her innovative ideas, and her profound commitment to our values.”