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3 Jul 2014 | Commentary | News

WOLA’s Advocacy on the Crisis of Migrant Children

For decades, WOLA has researched and reported on the conditions of crime, violence, and lack of economic opportunity as push factors driving migration.

Below you will find a list of WOLA resources and analysis on the issues of unaccompanied minors, border security and migration, and citizen security.

WOLA Resources and Analysis on Unaccompanied Minors

WOLA Resources and Analysis on Border Security and Migration

WOLA Resources and Analysis on Police Reform

WOLA Resources and Analysis on Violence Prevention

WOLA Resources and Analysis on Economic Development

WOLA Country-Specific Resources and Analysis

Partner Resources

WOLA works to ensure that policymakers recognize the need to address the immediate humanitarian crisis as well as the need to invest in programs to reduce the root causes of the problem. WOLA plays a vital role by presenting expert analysis of the challenges people face in their countries and making recommendations about what the U.S. and others can do
about it. We must make sure this unprecedented amount of assistance truly tackles the root causes of this mass displacement of children—particularly by creating safer communities and greater economic opportunity.

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