WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas

David T. Bailey Memorial Fund

In memory of David T. Bailey March 14, 1944 to January 3, 2018

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David T. Bailey was an artist and an explorer, a sociology professor and builder, and a beyond-eccentric father. Some people have called him stubborn. His drive meant, among other things, that he fought tirelessly against injustice in all its forms and never gave up on the (false) notion that he could become fluent in Spanish.

Kay and David Bailey, 1993

David passed his love of Latin America and his commitment to justice to his daughter, Kay Bailey, who also became devoted to the idea of human rights in the Americas. Kay joined WOLA and David joined WOLA’s Partners Council.

Your gift to WOLA on David’s behalf will help us fight for and alongside the little guy, stand up to the appalling anti-immigrant sentiment that has taken over the United States, and push for smart, systemic policy changes that will make millions of people’s lives better all across the hemisphere.

David’s idea of a fun vacation in Mexico was not initially fun to Kay, but she eventually became a believer.