WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas

Legal & Policies



WOLA encourages the reproduction, distribution and transmission of its publications, with the understanding that WOLA’s authorship must be explicitly recognized.  However, the sale of our publications in any form and by any means may proceed only under contract with WOLA.

WOLA encourages the use of its materials for educational purposes but requests notification of materials that are used in classrooms.  WOLA's publications archive will sometimes allow free distribution of printed copies of certain materials for educational purposes.


Return Policy:

All donations to WOLA are tax-deductible; contributions are non-refundable.  If a mistake was made during payment processing, please contact the development director at WOLA.  Publication purchases are non-refundable.

WOLA does not offer refunds on ticket purchases or registration fees to any WOLA-sponsored event.  Refunds can be issued if the event is cancelled.  Refunds and cancellations for events hosted by other organizations are provided only at the discretion of the organization hosting or sponsoring this event.