WOLA: Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas
25 Feb 2019 | Press Release

Cuba’s Constitutional Referendum a Reflection of Gradual Change

Washington, DC—With Cuban authorities expected to make an announcement later today regarding the results of Sunday’s referendum on a new Cuban constitution, Geoff Thale, Vice President of Programs at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), issued the following statement:

“There has been real debate in Cuba over this constitutional reform. We expect the referendum to pass, although not as overwhelmingly as previous votes. The new constitution, and the debates that led up to it, reflect real changes in Cuba on the economy, on the structure of the government, and on social issues. Cuba is in a process of real change, and it’s too simplistic and too ideological to dismiss the changes as meaningless. Despite the Trump administration’s current saber-rattling on Cuba, it’s undeniable that the country’s political and economic system is evolving.”