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27 Jan 2010 | Commentary | News

Restoring International Relations With Honduras: A Way Forward

Today, Porfirio (Pepe) Lobo Sosa was inaugurated as President of Honduras. The June 28, 2009 coup d'état and subsequent protests for and against the coup, coupled with a deterioration in respect for human rights and freedom of expression, have sharply divided Honduran society.  Reconciling Hondurans and rebuilding trust in democratic institutions will be key priorities for the Lobo Administration and the Honduran National Congress. 

As the United States government considers normalizing relations with Honduras, including restoring aid, it is essential to first ensure the new government establishes respect for civil liberties and human rights, makes advances in establishing accountability for abuses, and launches meaningful national dialogue.  

There are fundamental steps to begin rebuilding democracy in Honduras as Vicki Gass, WOLA's Senior Associate for Rights and Development, and Joseph Eldridge, member of the board of directors at WOLA and adjunct faculty in American University's School of International Service, highlight in the Huffington Post story, Restoring International Relations With Honduras: A Way Forward.