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27 Jul 2016 | Podcast

U.S. Policy Toward Cuba: Is the U.S. Embargo Coming To an End?

U.S. policy towards Cuba has changed drastically under the Obama administration. Since announcing in December 2014 that the two countries would restore diplomatic relations, the White House has significantly eased trade and travel restrictions. Embassies have been opened, business deals have been signed, law enforcement cooperation has deepened, and U.S. commercial airlines are even set to begin flights to the island this fall.

But the President can only do so much. The embargo on Cuba remains and only Congress can lift it. Until recently, this seemed unlikely. But the environment has changed.

In this episode of Latin America Today, the WOLA podcast, Senior Associate Adam Isacson and Program Officer Sarah Kinosian look at how recent changes in U.S. policy have impacted life in Cuba, why—after decades—the tide is finally shifting in Congress, especially among Republicans, toward engagement, and how soon we’re likely to see an end to the 56-year-old U.S. embargo.

This podcast is the last in a three-part series about Cuba. Episode one covered Cuba’s Changing Economy and episode two looked at Political Debate and Civil Society.

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