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2 Aug 2012 | Video

U.S. Guns: The Awful, Shocking Truth

The recent tragedy in Newtown has caused many to question whether it makes sense to allow the purchase of military-style assault rifles, like the one used in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. What a lot of people don’t know is that these rifles are also the weapons of choice among ruthless Mexican drug cartels. In the last 5 years, nearly 60,000 people have lost their lives in Mexico’s wave of violence.

The brutal truth is this: 70 percent of the guns that were recovered in Mexico and submitted for tracing in the last three years came from the United States. WOLA has partnered with Cuéntame to produce this short video showing how trafficking takes place and who profits. Join Mexico’s peace movement and our coalition and sign this petition asking President Obama to act now. This video, released by WOLA and Cuéntame, has been a long time coming! The video is on how lax gun laws exacerbate drug-related violence in Mexico. Please help us bring positivity and encouragement to the video! You can do this first and foremost by going to the video on YouTube and LIKING the video and leaving a POSITIVE comment. 

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