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Program Associate

Kristen Martinez-Gugerli

Kristen Martinez-Gugerli is the Venezuela Program Associate at WOLA, where she conducts research, coordinates congressional outreach, and regularly contributes to the Venezuelan Politics and Human Rights Blog. Martinez-Gugerli also co-hosts The Venezuela Briefing podcast alongside Director for Venezuela Geoff Ramsey.

Her areas of interest include migration, minority rights, and U.S. policy towards Latin America. At WOLA, Kristen closely follows the Venezuelan displacement crisis and monitors developments in the political and humanitarian crisis. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in spring of 2019 with a research-based BPhil degree in International Studies and a B.A. in Political Science, along with minors in Spanish, Quechua, and Religious Studies, and a Certificate in Latin American Studies. While at the University of Pittsburgh, Kristen studied abroad in Cusco, Peru and conducted independent field research in Yucatán, Mexico. She also interned for two years at her university’s Center for Latin American Studies, through which she conducted research and wrote articles relating to Latin American politics and society for an online publication, Panoramas.

Kristen Martinez-Gugerli's Work
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