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14 Dec 2021 | Podcast

The Venezuela Briefing: A New Effort to Mobilize Venezuelans in the United States

In this latest episode of The Venezuela Briefing, hosts Geoff Ramsey and Kristen Martinez-Gugerli interview Adelys Ferro, a Venezuelan-American community leader and director of the recently-launched Venezuelan American Caucus, a new initiative to mobilize and organize the Venezuelan diaspora in the United States to advocate for comprehensive policies centered around humanitarian needs and democratic efforts in Venezuela. Ramsey, Martinez-Gugerli, and Ferro discuss the current political moment in Venezuela, the goals and objectives of the Venezuelan American Caucus, and the Biden administration’s policy towards Venezuela so far.

Learn more about the Venezuelan American Caucus and see their introductory statement at https://www.venezuelanamericancaucus.com/

Read WOLA’s recent report on the need for humanitarian accords at https://www.wola.org/analysis/how-us-policymakers-can-support-humanitarian-accords-venezuela/